DATx: Blockchain’s Bridge Builder

We dreamed, we innovated, we conquered.

Separate islands have been connected,

The future belongs to us.

In the past year, DATx has proven to be a pioneer in this generation of blockchains. Before DATx, blockchain project isolation, "separate islands" of tokenized industries facing difficulties communicating with each other or trading value with each other, was an accepted fact.

DATx started a long journey in the past year to prove this wrong. And we aren't doing it alone.

We have first-class advisors, excellent investors and solid partners. Although DATx is young, we have systematically finished APX integration, DATxChain testnet, and DATxChain cross-chain upgrade. The maturity of technology has given DATx room for growth in this industry.

DATx's supporters have been the brightest torches lighting the way this winter. Thanks to your passionate participation and support for the DATx project, we are confident that DATx will create a more prosperous future.

We want to thank you for giving DATx a community.

I. Our Story

DATx was established by Cosima Foundation in collaboration with Avazu. After achieving successful integration with the Avazu APX platform, DATx decided to address the issue of blockchain project isolation, bringing the DATx cross-chain interoperability project into being.

While public blockchain projects have exploded in number in the past few years, DAPPs are still stuck operating solely on the native token/coin of the blockchain platform they were developed on. Without cross-chain interoperability, each blockchain remains a "walled garden" for DAPPs, restricting the reach of DAPPs to their native chain's user base.

In order to realize this, we’ve fastidiously designed the formula for secure and efficient cross-chain interoperability.

II. The Secret Formula

DATx cross-chain solution relies on the cohesive interplay between multiple pieces of innovative modules and design considerations:

X-DPOS consensus mechanism, a high performance cross-chain consensus mechanism was created for the DATx project. Its realization demonstrates that an extra dimension of horizontal cross-chain scaling can be added to the vertically scaled DPOS.

The MSE Wallet (Multi-Signature Escrow Wallet) is designed not only for guaranteed security, but also low transaction fees. It provides a multi-signature solution of three escrow wallets (BTC, ETH, and EOS), each ensuring BFT, where all withdrawal operations must be approved by 11 of the 15 Cross-Chain Validator Nodes that protect the ecosystem from malicious nodes.

The Master Wallet is the main user interface of the DATx ecosystem. It allows access to the DATxWallet as well as an ETH Wallet. DATxWallet is the main product of DATx, holding DATxChain assets such as DATx, dBTC, dETH, dEOS. DATxWallet allows for asset transfer, resource staking, voting, and cross-chain deposits/withdrawals. It can be accessed through the Master Wallet interface

The Meridians Plugin and Listening Server Ports (LSP) in DATx architecture help realize secure multi-signature functionality and ensure transparent communication between DATxChain and compatible chains. They coordinate collection and counts of signatures from nodes to ensure Byzantine Fault Tolerance before executing withdrawal of off-chain assets from the DATx ecosystem.

MASC (Mapped Asset Smart Contract) is the set of smart contracts that create and distribute mapped assets on DATxChain, allowing you to use BTC, ETH, EOS, etc on our DAPPs. MASCs link users' on-chain and off-chain addresses to ensure deposited assets correspond to issued mapped assets. For withdrawals, users return mapped assets to MASC to initiate withdrawal process.

As a cross-chain hub, DATx requires a multi-chain blockchain explorer. This blockchain explorer consists of a DATxChain Explorer to query DATxChain activity, a Cross-Chain Asset Explorer to monitor off-chain activity relating to MSE Wallet, and an extra Full Node to provide objective data.

Read more in the Whitepaper: See design for details.

Under the support of these technologies, DATx has turned cross-chain interoperability from an unthinkable feat to a field of infinite possibilities.

The sea is no longer unknown, separate islands are no longer obstacles.

DATx has ensured that the future is an interconnected one.

Important Statement

DATx has never partnered with any third-party agencies for token sales. Any potential buyer of tokens will go through a strict KYC procedure. The DATx token sale is not open to the People's Republic of China, the United States of America, or any other countries and regions where such activities are prohibited.

21 2019-01
DATx: Blockchain’s Bridge Builder
We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the DATx community for supporting us in our cross-chain endeavors! To celebrate DATx first birthday, let's take a look back at what we've achieved here together!
01 2019-01
DATx Progress Report NOV 1 — DEC 31
Highlights: 1. DATx Announces Node Candidacy Campaign 2. Industry Leaders Engage with DATx WeChat Community during Node Candidacy Livestream 3. DATx Integrates onto BitCloud Platform 4. DATx Officially Listed on GK and Biger 5. BitDATx Officially Lists OCN and DASH
29 2018-12
DATx Node Candidacy Campaign Launches
With the DATxChain testnet launch, DATx has announced the official launch of the DATx node candidacy campaign. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to the DATx team to get their candidacy publicized through DATx official channels.