DATx Listing on FCoin

According to the FCoin official website, DATx ranked in the top 20 for total number of deposit accounts on FCoin, qualifying for listing on the exchange. On July 2 by 21:00 (UTC+8), DATx will go live for trading on FCoin as a DATx/ETH trading pair.

FCoin is a recent exchange launched by the former CTO of Huobi, Zhang Jian. Employing the novel trans-fee mining model, traders are returned their transaction fees in FT. Further, the FCoin exchange is decentralized and transparent, sharing 80% of the profits made by the exchange with token holders. Currently, it has the highest transaction volume in the world.

The launch of DATx listing on FCoin, in addition to RFinex and DigiFinex last month, provides DATx with even higher trading volumes and wider exposure on the Chinese market. This complements DATx’s globalization plan in Asia, consisting of participation in meetups and conferences in Vietnam, Shanghai, Seoul, Beijing. DATx’s launch platform Avazu, a global leading ad platform providing services for Google, Facebook, and Amazon, provides DATx with the resources and backing to realize the DATx mission – the establishment of a global digital advertising ecosystem founded on fairness and transparency.

Important Statement

DATx has never partnered with any third-party agencies for token sales. Any potential buyer of tokens will go through a strict KYC procedure. The DATx token sale is not open to the People's Republic of China, the United States of America, or any other countries and regions where such activities are prohibited.

02 2018-07
DATx Listing on FCoin
On July 2 by 21:00 (UTC+8), DATx will go live for trading on FCoin as a DATx/ETH trading pair.
30 2018-06
DATx Progress Report JUN 9 - JUN 30
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28 2018-06
DATx Listing on DigiFinex
We're now listed on DigiFinex! To celebrate, DigiFinex is launching a 2 million DATx token candy drop reward campaign!